Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Becoming a Better Athlete

So how many of you out there are looking to win a Gold Medal in the next Olympics? I doubt anyone reading this has this goal in mind. But, you never know.

So how do athletes seem to never gain weight and while others just gain by looking a piece of dessert? A lot of things determine this. First thing is, how many overweight athletes do you see? Personally, I've haven't seen many.

Second thing is, muscle burns more calories than you think. Adding one pound of muscle will burn approximately 50 Calories. Not much but say you bulk up about 15 pounds. That extra 15 pounds will now be burning an extra 750 Calories!! Based on a 2000 Calorie diet, thats a lot!

Lastly, athletes tend to move more often. Most likely those sitting around waiting to shed some weight aren't getting it done. It hard enough trying to lose weight without expecting it to just fall out. Our bodies are not designed to warm seats all day; we need to moving around frequently.

Athletes aren't always those people we see on TV. Ironically, we are wishing our bodies more closely resembled their's while we are sitting down and watching them. They are on TV not necessarily because of skill but because of drive. Their discipline is paying off big time for them!

Some of us may never be able to slam dunk a basketball, hit a grand slam home run during the World Series or catch that game-winning touchdown with 5 seconds left on the clock. In fact, its close to improbable that we will ever see that situation much less be the one in the event.

However, there are other ways that we can lead fulfilling lives without that type of pressure. What you feel is most beneficial to you (emotionally) is the driving force in us all. We yearn to help others achieve their goals. After all, isn't that what athletes their TEAM?

Sure the idea of being in those situations are exciting but they're not for everyone. But everyone one of those athletes we see on TV or in person have one thing in common...a willingness to be better. Their focus is very keen to becoming better in all aspects of their goals. The key word in there is "better" not "perfect."

In conclusion, learn to focus on becoming better in certain aspects of your life. Adding a few pounds of muscle will burn more Calories than you might realize, which will all you go join that church league you've been thinking about!

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